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Ignition Repair and Replacement

Don’t Worry – We Can Fix It!

If you’ve clicked on this page you are probably experiencing a problem with your key turning your ignition. There are 2 major causes for this:

  • The key is simply worn out. Many people think they can go to the hardware store and get a “new key”. Duplicating the worn out key gives you a new copy of a worn out key. It’s not going to work. The solution to a worn out car key is to have one cut back to factory specifications. Our automotive locksmiths can do this on the spot in a matter of minutes.
  • The ignition has an issue or has failed. Our car locksmiths can diagnose the problem quickly and repair or replace your ignition in no time. It’s not as bad as it sounds. We do this everyday and have gotten pretty great at it.

There are also a couple of minor causes of fussy ignitions:

  • The ignition needs lubrication. Feel free to try this. We like WD40. It works great and you probably have some on hand. Thinking of using graphite? Caution!! It is an excellent lock lubricant, however most applicators will apply hundreds of times too much into your ignition! You do not want a tablespoon of this stuff in your ignition clogging things up. Just go with a light dose of WD40.
  • The steering wheel is in a bind. Has everything worked perfectly up until today? Do you use the wheel to assist you getting into the car? Your wheel could simply be in a bind. Rotate the wheel against the resistance you feel while turning the key. This may solve your issue.

Experience matters…

We have serviced thousands of ignitions over the last 30 years and have found the following vehicle ignitions to be particularly problematic:

Chrysler, Dodge, and Jeep from the early 90’s to the present

Ford Focus up to 2005

Toyota 1992 – 2006

GM1985 – 2007

But don’t worry! We can fix them!

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